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just lights went out, the
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ge featured longest running back toss in super bowl history racing 108 records. ravens quarterback joe falco was the team's mvp. the final again, 34-31, ravens are the super bowl champions and the party is on in, baltimore. up next is the fox report for your latest headlines log on to fox >> buckingham palace an armed man shows up. police caught it on tape. >> a retired decorated manavy sl killed committing one last act of valor. tonight remembering the hero.
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he was lethal against the enemies of america. the nays's top mill tear resniper now murdered in texas. police say by someone who was trying to help deal with the scars of war. fox report what we are learning about the federal veteran police say killed him and another man. >> also chaos unleashed. after a bus carrying high school students crashes into a city bridge. >> we have room in the back of the bus came into the back of the seat. >> in minutes missing the signs that could have helped prevent disaster. >> and a quiet town has a rowdy postal service. u.s. mail truck driver traffic violations as they speed through town. this government agency says it doesn't have to pay for breaking the law. why is that?
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>> i am harris falkner. an american hero who struck fear in the hearts of our enemies. gunned down thousands of miles away from the battlefield allegedly by a federllow soldiee was trying to help. he was fate logically shot alon another man at a texas gun range. a suspect a former marine turned his weapon on the other men. tonight we are learning more about that man the suspect 25-year-old eddy ray ruth a veteran who reportedly suffers from post traumatic stress disorder now facing multiple murder charges. we have been following the story. what do we know? >> chris kyle this american hero known as the u.s. mill tear remost lethal sniper and another man were both creeked at the rubbing creek lodge roughly 60 miles southwest of fort worth texas yesterday. texas authorities believe eddy ray ruth of lancaster shot kyle and his close friend chad little
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field shortly in the afternoon. he was a corporal in the marines deployed in iraq 2007 and served in haiti 2010. he lived on reserve duty. a motive for the shooting remains unclear but ruth suffered from ptsb. he may have taken him to the range in an effort to help him cope and he turned on the two men shooting him at close range. after the murders ruth drove to his sister's house and told her and her husband what happened at the gun range. they called law enforcement who went to his home to make an arrest. he fled but was caught after a short pursuit an automatic hand gun was recovered at his home. >> a true american patriot who appeared right here on fox news not long ago. >> he had made several pier rances he always talked about his love of country and the duty he felt to his fellow service
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members. he was the best selling author of the auto biology call. the story he wrote the details here are of his 150 plus kills of insurgents in iraq. he also helped create the victim cares foundation a nonprofit that helps soldiers recover from post traumatic stress syndrome and he was known to take fellow. >> you have to show respect. that flag is red white and blue and the red stands for the blood the guys spilled not just the guys here in iraq and afghanistan but all through our history. you are not going out purposely trying to kill people and rack up numbers you are going out to save americans. >> kyle was also a family man. he leaves behind a wife and kids. >> molly, thank you very much. more on this now a closer look at chris kyle's service to our nation. he completed four tours of duty in iraq retiring from the navy
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seals in 2009. when he was there a 300 winchester magnum was usually at his side. he used that gun to wrarack up e than 150 kills. kyle once said he preferred to think of his job not as killing the bad guys but as saving the good guys. kyle was so good at what he did the insurgents gave him the nickname the devil of ram madary a -- ramadi and even put a 20,000 dollar bounty on his head. he dedicated his life helping veterans returning home. you heard molly how he would help them out with post traumatic stress disorder. he helped establish the sit co cares -- fitco cares foundation. go to >> an intense and often dramatic con fri confirmation hearing if you saw any of it. it is going to the next step a
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committee vote on former republican senator chuck hagel could come as early as next week. he's a former februanebraska se coming off the grilling on capitol hill. his performance from republicans and democrats including the president's former press secretary robert gibbs. >> the disconcerting thing for anybody who watched it he seems unprepared on the questions he quite frankly knew was coming. >> members of the obama administration and leon panetta are defending hagel. dempsey says he thinks highly of hagel and is x confident of his abilities after speaking to him in private. >> i will say in my conversations he was well prepared articulate and precise. >> you are confident he could do the job? >> i am not going to speak about confidence. he could be my boss. >> reporters trying to thin the
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tied against hagel. what are they saying? >> leon pan nineda said it was politics that led to the fierce questioning by the armed service committee in capitol hill. >> it is ob yut the political knights were after hagel. >> what disappointed me was that they talked a lot about past quotes. what about what the secretary of defense is confronting today. we didn't spend a lot of time discussing those issues and in the end that counts. >> hagel should have been questioned more about issues like the war in afghanistan, the turmoil in the mideast and the looming budget cuts that could severely impact the pentagon. instead hagel was criticized for his past statements on iran, israel and the u.s. and nuclear strategy. harris? >> after what i guess you could call a rather bumpy confirmation hearing to say the least what are hagel's chances at this
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point? >> as it stands at least 12 republicans plan to vote against hagel, his confirmation even though he is a republican himself. only two said they would vote for him at this point. they are mike johan of nebraska and cochran of mississippi. many are predicting hagel will be confirmed. >> i think for a cabinet office 51 votes is generally considered the right standard for the senate to set. and at that level i think he makes it but doesn't make it with a lot of room to spare. >> senator blunt is among those planning to vote against hagel siting too many inconsistencies. >> you know steve with that margin he mentioned the 51 votes you wouldn't need very many republicans couto vote in favor. thank you very much. in alabama now prayers for a little boy held hostage and for the bus driver tonight. first the 5-year-old child being held inside an under ground bunker for a 6th day. police still keeping in constant
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communication with the man suspected of kidnapping a child off the school bus after killing the bus driver and today the funeral for the bus driver. hundreds of people gathering to say good-bye to 66-year-old charles albert olof jr. the julie given by the superintendent of school district where he worked. poland was driving the bus last week but jimmy lee dykes boarded it and demanded two children. he blocked him from reaching those little ones when he was shot several times. the local sheriff kept his remarks focused on poland. >> today is going to be a sad day for our family. please give them the peace to be able to do what they need to do in their time of mourning. >> we are live in midland city alabama. so much heartache in that community tonight.
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>> indeed. this bus driver was so well loved by people who knew him and strangers have grown to respect him because of his heroics on that school bus on tuesday. by all accounts charles poland loves his job and passengers. on hot days he provided cold water. on holidays he provided gifts and last tuesday he gave his life to protect the students who road his bus. >> he put his life before his kids that were on the bus, i think that's one of the biggest thing you can remember him for being a hero and saving those other kids. >> after the service poland's funeral procession was led by members of the patriot yard riders and drivers who road the school buses with black ribbons tied to them. >> what more are we learning about the suspect in this case? >> jimmy lee dykes remains in communication with authorities through the pvc pipe that serves
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as a vent from the surface to the under ground bunker. he is letting them send comfort items to the hostage. they deliver add red hot wheels car and cheez-it crackers for that little boy in the under ground bunker. the line of communication stays open but hostage standoff continue continues. >> right now, we know exactly what killed an american woman whose body was found. after vanishing inside turkey. the latest now on the investigation crossing international borders and how her family here at home is remembering this wife and mom of two. >> we knew the pictures last night when they were coming into fox news looked bad. but now the details on what happened here. why a charter bus carrying high
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school students on a trip to harvard crashed into an over pass. stay close.
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students and adult shap per ronnie's. retur charter bus was their charter bus was returning when it hit a bridge over pass from boston. 35 people hurt three seriously and one with life threatening injuries we are told. some of the victims were trapped inside the wreckage for more than an hour. flurp flurp >> it all happened so fast and it was like all of a sudden black. we were in the back and the bathroom in the back of the bus came into the back of the seat. >> how could that happen? listen to this. authorities telling us now the bus did not be long on that road. there is only a 10-foot height
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limit there. obviously the bus was too tall to fit under that bridge. the driver who was not injured failed to heed the warning signs that were posted. >> we now know what killed a new york city mom who vanished in turkey and turned up dead in istanbul. sierra died from a blow to the head. she is 33 years old a mom with two was vacationing in istanbul by herself. her family in new york city heard from her for the lathes time on january 21st the same day she was supposed to come home but never did. police already taking a number of people in for questioning as they had discovered her body. we have been reporting last night as many as 11 now even more than that. they are still waiting for autopsy results. it is clear a head injury caused her death. she leaves behind a husband and two children. family and friends attending a prayer service in her honor in new york. lisa everest of wnyw is with us
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in our new york city newsroom tonight. what is the latest in the investigation? >> i can tell you it is a very active investigation. there are many unanswered questions. there have been no arrests that we know of so far in this case. this mystery man with whom the mother of two corresponded who she had planned to meet that day where she disappeared at a bridge there. he told authorities according to published reports that he never actually met her that day that she never showed up. there's a lot of questions now about what happened from that point on to the point where her body was found. the police chief in istanbul said she had a blow to her head. there were also reports she was stabbed that her ipad and phone were taken but personal jewelry, a watch, ring other jewelly she had on was not removed from her body. her body may have been moved from another place, may have been killed at one location and moved to where pher body was
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found. they have questioned 15 people so far including a couple of women. if this follows traditional police investigations what they are probably doing is piecing together a time line trying to come up with her where abouts where from we last saw her at the mall sitting down to have a feel to the time she disappeared. also istanbul you have to remember according to authorities here in the united states law enforcement officials is a city that has more than 500 surveillance cameras. there's probably a lot of surveillance video that istanbul police have that we haven't seen yet. they have a specific task force of 28 police officers locally pouring through that moment by home meant. >> such goody tails you are giving us there as we flash forward looking ahead at what this might look like. you have learned so much from this mop. i know the family lives on
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staten island in the new york area. what more can you tell us? >> a very devoted mother by all accounts not just her husband. her husband worked at the transit authority different shifts through out the day. according to family and friends i spoke with i was in their living room at this time last sunday. they arranged their lives around these two boys. this is not a mom that let the dvr player raise their kids. she was actively involved in their lives home schooling hoth taking them on trips giving them as much education opportunities she could given her limited means. she told me before she went on the trip she had laid out clothes for the boys to go to school so that the household and their lives would be as undisrupted as possible. it is really tragic. by everyone's account she lived for those boys and she was a very, very involved hands on mom. >> one of the questions that has come up to me from viewers at
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least. i don't know if we will be able to answer this tonight why was she vacationing alone in turkey. i am sure that will come out as well. >> i spoke with her best friend who was supposed to go with her on that trip. she said at the last moment she could not afford the trip. i asked her husband, a lot of people are wondering how could you let your wife who has never been overseas before go on a trip like this. he said you know what with tears in his eyes he said sometimes when you love someone you have to respect their choices and decisions even when you don't agree with them. >> lisa everest thank you so much for joining us. one of the most influential voices in america's catholic church is apologizing tonight. what is behind. also take a look at this. >> a man comes armed with
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>> harris: buckingham palace a place where the royal family gathers in england. a man armed with two knives showed up outside the tourist landmark. at first he held one knife to his own throat. when he started shouting and waving the weapon, police used a stun gun to stop him. all caught on tape because tourists were standing by with cell phones and everything else rolling. nobody hurt in any of this excepted the man who was stunned. he was taking to a london police station. this all happened again while
10:26 pm
tourists were gathered to watch the changing of the guard ceremony. >> i was just walking across the road. and he is just -- he had knives on him. and he was just, i don't know, trying to walk towards the gates and the police got on top of him. >> queen elizabeth and her husband, prince philip we're told were not inside the palace at the time. and there was no comment from palace staff on the confrontation. well, there is no excuse, no explaining away what happened to these children end quote. those words part of an apology today from los angeles archbishop jose gomez. over hundreds of cases of alleged children abused by priests dating back to the 1950s. in a letter he says in every catholic church in los angeles area he is putting it out. dominic did i that tally is live tonight. >> excruciatingly painful detail of harm against kids by catholic priests in the archdiocese in los angeles are among the stacks of evidence that were published online
10:27 pm
last week. forced to release the confidential documents the church was equally forced to explain itself, harris. in light of 70 years of documents cataloging a coverup of 124 priests who molested children, archbishop jose gomez boldfaced letter sunday mass across the city saying there is no excuse, no explaining away what happened to these children. the priests involved had the duty to be their spiritual fathers and they failed. mixed reactions from the faithful leaving the cathedral of our lady of the angels here in los angeles. >> i think the church needs to really, really change its whole structure and it's it's all good old boys network. >> i don't think this problem is going to be completely taken care of. >> i waiver in my faith of the clergy of the church but the essential message of the catholic church, no. >> 12,000 documents were published on the archdiocese web site last week is part of a 2007 settlement.
10:28 pm
it revealed that cardinal roger mahoney knowingly removed priests accuse of sexual abuse parish from parish shielding them from police. >> one saving grace here, harris the church now has a policy of reporting allegations of abuse to law enforcement and removing the priests from the ministry. harris? >> dominic, thank you. he was a proud measure, very proud to serve his nation but this hero navy seal and best selling author allegedly killed by a fellow veteran and he was not the only victim. the latest on the murders of chris kyle and a friend. and a look back at his very heart felt interview with our own bill o'reilly. also, neither snow, rain, nor heat nor gloom of night will keep them from delivering the mail. that's their mantra, you know with the u.s. post office. don't just ask them to pay their traffic tickets. are post office employees in one town getting a free ride from the law? this is america.
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or that printing in color had to cost a fortune. nobody said an all-in-one had to be bulky. or that you had to print from your desk. at least, nobody said it to us. introducing the business smart inkjet all-in-one series from brother. easy to use. it's the ultimate combination of speed, small size, and low-cost printing. kaepernickkaepernick. >> i am harris falkner. this is the fox report. a retired navy seal gunned down along with his friend at a gun range and resort southwest of fort worth texas he racked up more than 150 kyles as a snip
10:33 pm
snipe -- dsniper. the gunman was in the war in iraq. he wrote american sniper the most lethal sniper in u.s. history. it documents 'this time in afghanistan. he was on the o'reilly factor and he asked him about the gravity and consequences of his job. >> you were committed to killing these people because you in your heart believed they deserved to die. >> i wasn't so much to killing them as i was -- i am committed to making sure every service member that was over there whether american or allied came home. >> as a sniper your i don't know is to kill them not wound them, not arrest them. you have to have a certain mentality to be a sniper. >> i am killing them to protect my fellow americans.
10:34 pm
>> and you liked it? you liked that job in the book that comes -- your wife didn't want you to do it you she wanted you to stay home. >> four times. >> did yyou liked killing these did you ever figure that out. >> it is not a problem taking someone out who wants your people dead. not a problem at all. >> do you ever now looking back have any regrets about anything you do? >> yes, i do. it's the people i couldn't save. >> the americans you couldn't save or allied forces. >> americans local iraqis any one i witnessed violence coming down on them and i couldn't save them. >> that's your krregret. >> you don't have any post traumatic stress that you killed so many human beings that doesn't come back from you. >> none of my problems come from the people i killed.
10:35 pm
>> chris kyle was married with two children. he was 38 years old. we move on to the islamic militants taking a pounding islamists, i should say, as french war we move ton to islamist militans in the african country of mali. targeting 20 extremist training camps in the north several weapons and fuel depots were destroyed as well. yesterday the french president visited the region. he got a hero's welcome. he is liberated fwriefrn troops on the ground. the military operation is aimed at stopping the advance of al qaeda fighters inside that country. an explosive attack on a police headquarters our top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds. iraq.
10:36 pm
police say a car bomber drove into the complex setting off one explosion and at least two other attackers were on foot. armed with machine guns and grenades. they tried to break into the building but were killed. bangladesh. flames burning through a shanty town. panicked people hurrying to save their belongings. firefighters worked to put out the fire. no deaths reported. but wire told more than 500 people lost their homes. italy. a flight landing off the runway at rome's main airport. the rough touchdown due to strong winds. a flight attendant and four passengers on the romanian airliner were injured. one with a fractured leg. brazil. a midnight vigil one week after a nightclub fired killed 237 people.
10:37 pm
[chanting] >> harris: thousands of friends and relatives of victims holding ago mass in the town of santa maria, remembering the dead as well as those still in critical condition. police saying the fire likely started when a ban set off flares during a performance. that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> when our soldiers are not active in combat, they still need to be battle-ready some of our troops are finding a new way to train between tours of duty. michelle splansz. explains. >> this isn't your typical military mission. it's laser tag. and the countries armed forces are using this arena to keep their skills sharp. >> this is what i do in the military. >> staff sergeant patrick dagen served in the army for seven years and is now a recruiter. he plays laser tag in fresno, california at least once a week. >> definitely helping me out. keeping me skilled so when i
10:38 pm
go back to my regular job i won't be rusty. >> he is one that will practice special exercises. >> i have been contacted by the national guard by a gentleman who does maneuver scheduling for the marines and a gentleman from the sheriff's office. and all of them have said that they are going to be contacting us in the future to bring in their superiors. >> manager dexter morgan says tac-ops is different than most and can be used to train military and police. >> whether it be how many rounds in each clip or how many damage is done to them, qui also put sensors on bystanders that aren't soormd if someone shoots them we can tell. >> the weapons can be programmed to stimulate any situation. >> these laser guns are pretty similar to the ones used in the military. can you look down the scope with both ice open and wherever that red dot is, that's where it will hit. >> their military braid made out of the same materials a real weapon is made out of.
10:39 pm
>> this laser tag is more mission-based and communication is key. >> right hand, left hand. high lows, doing wedges. >> and you don't have to be a pro-fighter. you can be as young as 8 to play. >> until fresno, california, michelle, fox news. >> the young pakistani girl, the taliban wanted dead has just taken a new step towards a full recovery. the latest on the teenager known by her first name around the world. and what doctors are doing to make her life a little bit more normal. and cats usually aren't too crazy about being in the water. water. sall right that's a fifth-floor problem... ok. not in my house! ha ha ha! ha ha ha!
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>> harris: an upbeat prognosis for 15-year-old. pakistani girl targeted by the
10:43 pm
taliban. she just had two successful surgeries in the london hospital to reconstruct her bullet-shattered skull and restore her hearing. today she was awake and talking with her family. doctors say they are very pleased with her progress at this point. she was shot in the head last october by a taliban gunman because she wanted to go to school. sips then she has become international symbol of those resistance of those who deny women their rights. president obama set to travel to minnesota tomorrow to talk about ways to curb gun violence. just ahead of his visit two much of the top voices in the gun debate are speaking out with new reaction to propose gun laws being crafted inside the beltway. peter doocy inside the beltedway from washington. peter? >> harris, universal background checks become the law then everybody who buys a gun from a dealer or gun show or a friend would be subject to a full, criminal and mental health screening. this is something gun control advocates favor. this morning the ceo of the nra said universal background
10:44 pm
checks won't work. >> it's a fraud to call it universal. it's never going to be universal. the criminals aren't going to comply with it. they could care less. you are not going to computer rise -- you have already seen you are not going to computer rise the mental health records. here's what's going to happen. quit calling it universal check. the real title ought to be the check on law abiding people all over this country. >> the democratic senate majority leader harry reid says he supports the second amendment as well as universal background checks but he is not going to let the nra get in his way just because they resist it doesn't mean. we have special interest groups that come in and complain about things we don't listen to them -- we will listen to them and make the right decision. >> reid says the senate might soon debate assault weapons ban. something congressman woman gabriel giffords husband argued for today. >> i spent 2 a 5 years in the military. i know the value of having an assault weapon. it's to kill a lot of people very quickly. i think they are way too
10:45 pm
readily available. i think in time we will be able to address those issues. >> wayne lappier from the nra said today forcing existing laws would go a long way in reducing gun violence so would rounding up gangs in places like chicago. harris? >> peter, thank you. a man on vacation hand gliding in florida when something went very wrong. it's our top story as we go across america. florida. police say the man from illinois was gliding over an airport runway in central florida when he suddenly came crashing down. deputies believed his glider malfunctioned during the flight. he died at a nearby hospital from his injuries. >> washington. an elementary school on fire, first responders battling it for five hours but they couldn't save the small school. this is vancouver right on the border with portland, oregon. the school district saying the children must be transferred to another building before they can hit the books again.
10:46 pm
north carolina. a cargo train derails south of raleigh. forcing hundreds of people to leave their homes. hazmat teams saying one of the ten overturned train cars was filled with amoney i can't. none of it leaked and people eventually were allowed to return. virginia. meet holly. possibly one of the world's laziest cats. >> she doesn't like the outdoors. she won't run around. she won't play with cat toys. 13 years old because of lack of exercise, i guess, she weighs a whopping 20 pounds. so her owner nearly out of options tried swimming to get her back in shape. >> she has lost about a pound the past six months. so that's good. but she has still got a bit to go. >> holly doesn't seem to mind the water, although she doesn't look too thrilled either. it's working. her veteran says a dip into the pool is great source of exercise for any pet and that's a fox watch across
10:47 pm
america. did you know there is a government agency that thinks they are bo the law. while federal authorities are arguing the rules of the road don't apply to your postal carrier.
10:48 pm
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10:50 pm
haters hairs the u.s. postal service apparently thinks it's above the law at least when it comes to traffic violations in one east ohio town. east cleveland in ohio says the post office owes them some $500 for parking tickets speeding fines and other traffic violations. this government agency says we don't have to pay. claiming federal immunity. upsetting the town which says they are totally descrargd the
10:51 pm
law. it's interesting that united states postal office, a federal agency that we all rely upon feels that drivers can speed through school zones and there is no responsibility for it. all i wish is if they are able to speed through school zones and red lights you would at least think we would get our mail faster. >> a government lawyer getting involved. plans to go to court to get the fines dismissed. the keep adding up the fines and hopes the check will arrive in the mail. well, is it time to toss out the constitution? that is a question that's being asked by some people who claim the document, which is is the back bobby of our entire american democracy ask out of date. shannon bream has more on the call for a fundamental change. >> georgetown university law professor lewis sideman sparked a heated debate when he authored a piece in the "new york times" advocating that we, quote: give up on
10:52 pm
the constitution with all its archaic idiosyncratic and provisions. >> this is our country. we wouldn't let france rule it it, we wouldn't let the u.n. rule it there is no reason for us to be ruled by people who are long dead, who had some good ideas but had a lot of bad ideas and for any event for whom it makes no difference at all. >> sideman the author of unconstitutional disobedience is not the only one questioning just how well our founding document works in this current day and age. professors from the university of texas and university of virginia have recently floated similar concerns. just last year supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg speaking with egyptian media after the ouster of president hosni mubarak and as the country was beginning to reshape itself said quote i would not look to the u.s. constitution if i were drafting ago constitution in the year 2012. even those who admit it isn't perfect note the drafters were wise enough to provide an amendment process. >> i think that charges that this is a document written by
10:53 pm
old white men in the 18th century is not true. it's a document written by we the people over the past two centuries. >> some believe there is already a certain level of disregard for the constitution playing out in washington. >> the fact that someone might not say i want to ignore the constitution, should still be held accountable when, in fact they do ignore the constitution whether they say they are doing so or not. >> when asked how we would guarantee things like freedom of religion without our constitution. the professor says it's up to those who believe in those ideaing to convince fellow americans they are worth withholding. shannon bream, fox news. >> harris: a huge power ball jackpot is up for grabs. we will tell you how much is up for grabs. leaping into frigid waters for a great cause. they do testify year but this time was a little bit different.
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>> harris: pony chilling day out for a good cause. thick skinned new yorkers stripping down and taking a dip in the ice cold atlantic for the rock away plunge raising money for a teenager suffering from a life threatening disease. this year had it had a any purpose. >> we're having a plunge that is usually for cystic fibrosis but because everyone here normally gives to i thought it would be a good idea to those hurricane sandy. >> part of the proceeds will breezy point relief fund. breezy point, new york. one of the many communities devastated by super storm sandy it may look familiar too the storm suffered further damage when it ignited electrical fire when it wiped out 122 homes. new orleans, not just hosting a big event today but famous for a lot of reasons worth
10:58 pm
taking a closer look at. fox anchor and louisiana native arthel neville recently returned home to highlight one man who is also helping forge the culture of the big easy. jazz, a sound indig nut to new orleans. brian iron balconies. a site seen throughout the big easy. we have some different styles and nationality in this city spanish, french, german, black. everybody had their own techniques of doing things. i learned from. reeves has been a master black smith in new orleans for over 40 years. doing restorations and making custom pieces. >> you got to love it people look at this when they see me pulling that hot metal out of that forge, putting it on that
10:59 pm
anvil and hitting it. hot. it's dirty. it's labor intensive. they are looking at it as work. this is not work to me. this is what i do. >> steeped in traditions that date back as far as the 1600s. reeves does most everything, well, the old fashion the way. while adding his artistic twist to accommodate today's design demands. >> this is one of my more impressive pieces. >> really? why is this so impressive. >> every component, every can you recall on this piece i designed and i fabricated. >> how long did it take you to do this? >> that project took a couple -- probably took about three months. that was a big project. it wasn't big as far as footage, but as far as labor. >> and be this gate here is all hand. >> that's all hand forged. >> wow.

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